Dialog Project

A Music Conversation

Dialog Project is a six member ensemble Progressive/Rock/Jazz Fusion band based out of San Diego Southern California. The band's six members of various musical backgrounds were brought together by the bands musical director and band leader James Fusionfingers. James' vision was to bring back the live improvisational session band back to the forefront of the concert series by creating compositional music sketches called dialogs to allow all members to showcase their talents during a live performance, or music conversation likened to the Miles Davis Bitches Brew approach. Dialog Project has a Progressive Rock edge with a Jazz Fusion improvisational live performance style that takes the listener on an exciting musical journey of imagery, enhanced with odd time signatures and tempo changes with enfluenes of Return To Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dream Theater, Satriani and others. This approach appeals and brings in a wider range of audiences from rock to jazz which will bring a larger market share to venues and online music purchases. Finally an original music act that appeals to a more diverse audience. Dialog Project looks forward to performing live at your next event, festival and concert with the bottom line results wanted by all involved.